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Q:I am not a new home resident also do not intend to refurbish my home, can I directly install an entire smart home system?

A:Yes, one of the major features of Cap-Homey control system is breaking away of the traditional wiring installation. For example, to replace a new switch as long as remove the original one by connecting the neutral wire and fire wire.

Q:Can both Android and IOS system be used to manipulate the system?

A:Yes, we have two APP versions which are Android and IOS. Please download the corresponding version according to the device you are using.

Q:It is mentioned that mobile phones and tablets are able to control the system, but how many devices can be supported at the same time?

A:Currently, one user (the last login) is allowed to manipulate the system when users simultaneously online, others can reuse after again entering the APP.

Q:How many devices can be controlled by CAP-HOMEY HOST and connected with "Mode" setting?

A:One Cap-Homey Host can Support 255 units Smart devices. Each scene can link 20 units devices .

Q:Does it enjoy the warranty of your products? Do you provide on-site service?

A:Yes, we have after-sales service and one-year warranty. Please contact the customer service, we will arrange for you based on your situation.

Q: What is the "Mode” control? Can I create an own mode according to my demand?

A:Yes, users can be able to create modes in accordance with their needs. "Mode" is an operational option that can automatically execute series of actions in accordance with your habits.

Q:Will the building intervals and materials affect the reception and cover of smart home products?

A:One of the advantages of our ZigBee technology is that devices can transfer messages between each others, meaning that ZigBee products such as light bulbs and sockets can deliver messages from the tower to the terminal achieving the control. If you still have the consideration of the stability between up and down floors or large intervals, try to equip the SATELLITE as a repeater make sure a good connection.

Q:Can I use your HOST to replace the existing home WiFi transceiver since it covers the WiFi and ZigBee technology?

A:Yes, CAP-HOMEY HOST can replace the traditional WiFi transceiver, we will not increase your home device.


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